The Focus of this Blog.

Hello everyone, my name is Chris. Welcome to Philosophia Christi! The focus of this blog will be to engage with stimulating discussion re Philosophy, Theology, and Literary studies. I am a reformed Christian from Illinois interested in defending the Word of God and seeking veritas (Truth). All comments are welcomed, there will be no use of pejorative terms on any person dead or alive nor any cursing as I am concerned with integrity and being incoherent will not be allowed.


A little about my interests, my main focuses in Philosophy would be Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of religion, Philosophical logic, Meta-ethics, Philosophy of Time, Epistemology and Literature. My Literary studies consist of history and Literary-theoretic foundations. In my spare time, I take listen to debates, play sports and I really like reading.


Once again, enjoy the blog.


“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates